I'm Andres

I'm studying to become a Web Developer.
I can show you some things I've done, if you'd like to see

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I've been studying

Filling my brain with knowledge and other fancy words I have collected here

Some of my design work

Graphic Design

I can mostly do raster graphics, but I have some minimal experience in vector logo design as well.

Almost everything I have designed over the years, I have been involved with myself as well. The need for designing came from a practical need, I've never actually studied or worked in the field.

I just never thought that I don't have the skills, only ideas to realize.

School assignments

School Assignments

To save you from seeing all kinds of things I suggest only taking a look at the nicest looking one. Nicest looking one

But if you are brave, you can check out everything else as well. Everything else

My Own Project

I was looking for a live page to develop on my free time to put my skills into use right away

Ended up working on a MediaWiki site for almost two months now. Started from scratch and now slowly developing live site and creating content for it. The Project

One of the things I have learned the most is something I didn't even think about when starting the project - combating spam from non-human visitors.

The Future

It has been one semester since I started, everything is new and still trying to figure out exactly what aspects of the field I like the most. But I keep learning new things daily and developing my skills as I walk by this new road in my life.

More Me


This covers everything that I have done before starting out in Web Development


There is some code from couple of school assignments up there